Non-NHS Services

How to request private paperwork / signatures

Requests for the doctors or staff to sign paperwork, fill out forms and write reports for patients is often classed as private (non-NHS) work. This can include reports for insurance or solicitors, power of attorney forms, holiday cancellation forms, foster medical examinations, medical examinations for HGV or taxi drivers, private letters etc. We are only able complete private work for patients of The White House Surgery.

All such requests should be left with reception to pass on to the doctor. Do not book an appointment for the purpose of getting forms completed and signed. This will not be done during a consultation.

The partners reserve the right to charge a fee for all private reports, examinations and signatures that fall outside the NHS contract and any such work is only agreed entirely at the discretion of the partners. The fees depend on the amount of admin work and GP time involved in reading, researching, processing, completing reports, copying and tidying up. The reception team will be able to advise you of these fees on request.