Test Results

Calling about your results

If you require information about test results, please telephone after 10:30am and speak to the reception team. Some tests may take up to 7 days to come back, others more.

To maintain confidentiality, test results can only be given to the patient concerned, unless specific consent has been given to share information with a nominated person. 

What can the receptionist tell me?

The receptionists are only able to give limited information about test results, depending on what the clinician will have noted when they were received. If the clinician has commented that they are normal, the receptionist can tell you this.

What if there’s a problem?

If there is a test result that requires urgent action, the practice will try to get in touch with you. Initially this would be by telephone, otherwise by letter. It is important for you to notify us of any change of your contact details.

Why do I need to repeat the test?

The doctor may request that you need to repeat a test, if they require further information before seeing you to discuss the results.

The hospital has sent me for tests, can you inform me of these results?

If a hospital clinician has requested tests for you we advise that you contact them directly for the results as they will be the most appropriate person to review these.